The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines camp as “a place usually in the country for recreation”.  Early “campers” rode horses and slept on blankets with their saddles for pillows.  That evolved into a U.S. Army officer designing canvas shelters for soldiers who were forced to sleep outdoors.  Modern camping includes tents, pull along camper trailers, self-contained recreational vehicles, even yurts.

Approximately 40 million people go camping in the US each year and not all of them own their camping gear.  It’s becoming more popular to go camping to reconnect with nature, reduce stress and relax, and spend more time with family and friends in the outdoors.

Waking up and stepping outside your camper to see the magnificent scenery and smell the distinct scents of the outdoors is truly heaven.  You can leave your worries at home and completely relax while only thinking about what you will do and see that day.  It’s truly liberating.

Montana has some of the most popular vacation destinations in the nation with two national parks, blue ribbon rivers for fishing, awesome scenery, mountains, and plains.   Biking, museums, guided fishing and sightseeing, gold mines, ghost towns, skiing, and natural hot springs all offer exciting and relaxing vacation opportunities.

One of the best ways to enjoy all Montana has to offer if you don’t bring your own camper is to rent one.  Montana Happy Campers offers small and large camping trailers as well as motorhomes.  There is something for every size group and their specific requirements.  You can fly in, rent a car, drive to your destination, and have your recreational vehicle already waiting for you.  If you want to move around, simply hook up the camper and go.  You may have so much fun, you’ll want to purchase your own camper or RV.

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