Along 64 miles of the Pintler Veterans’ Memorial Scenic Highway (Montana Highway 1 from Anaconda to Drummond), you will have an opportunity to stop and visit Anaconda, Georgetown Lake, Phillipsburg, and Granite Ghost Town.


Founded by Marcus Daly, one of the Copper Kings, Anaconda became famous for the Anaconda Company which built a copper ore smelter-refining complex which became the world’s largest non-ferrous copper ore processing plant.  Visit Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park, take a walking tour of Anaconda’s four National Historic districts, see turn-of-the-century architecture, bike mountain trails, or relax at the hot springs.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake covers over 3700 acres and lies between three mountain ranges:  the Anaconda Pintlers to the South, the Sapphire Range to the West and the Flint Creek Range to the East.  This sapphire blue lake offers the ultimate outdoor recreation and spectacular views.  Four seasons of recreation, wildlife viewing, golfing, fishing for trophy sized rainbow and brook trout, camping, hiking, boating and just plain enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Pull your camper into one of 4 forest service campgrounds around the lake.


If you’re traveling from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, the Phillipsburg area is the perfect stop for a night or a week.  This area is rich in large mineral deposits.  You can pan for Montana sapphires or explore old Montana silver and gemstone mines in the mountains.  Cattle drives may slow down traffic as visitors stop to take pictures, but with over 75 lakes and reservoirs, you’ll be sure to find excellent outdoor recreation opportunities in the Phillipsburg area.

Granite Ghost Town State Park

The Granite Mine was the richest silver mine on earth.  It was shut down in 1893 due to the Sherman Silver Purchase Act which dramatically lowered the price of silver.  Miners lost their jobs all but about 147 people left.  Uninhabited today, all that’s left are stone foundations, and collapsed walls and the shell of the Miners’ Union Hall, but an important time in Montana history and worth the time to visit.,_Montana