Follow Lewis and Clark’s Travels Through Montana.

Shortly after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the expedition known as the Corps of Discovery to explore the vast area that extended the United States more than half way across present day U.S.  It became known also as the Lewis and Clark Expedition when Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the group of US Army volunteers west to map the newly acquired territory and establish an American presence there before European nations could establish a claim. The expedition started in Pittsburgh, Pa and made its way west to the Pacific Ocean.

Fort Benton

Much of Lewis and Clarks exploration to find the best route west centered around Fort Benton in Central Montana.  In Fort Benton you can take a walking tour that includes steamboat levee, museums, and the reconstructed portion of the Old Fort Benton fur post.  From here, you can also see the 149 mile “wild and Scenic Upper Missouri River” waterway segment of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the western gateway for Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.


In Lewistown, you can re-trace a section of the actual Lewis and Clark Expedition trail on the Missouri River.  This Montana town has activities and events nearly every day in summer.  You can also ride the Charlie Russel Chew Choo, a 56-mile round trip journey through rolling hills and vast ranchlands. A full course prime rib dinner and dessert are included.

Great Falls

The third largest city in Montana, Great Falls was named for the series of five waterfalls on the Missouri River that took Lewis and Clark 31 days to portage around.  You can see spectacular scenery, walk and ride the hiking and biking trails along the river, camp at one or both of the two state parks and visit a national wildlife refuge. And of course, don’t miss seeing the waterfalls.