Montana is famous for all kinds of great food and specialty restaurants from diners of the 50s to ethnic foods and traditional pioneer foods.  Take a look at some of those specialties below.  It’s impossible to highlight every great eatery, but wherever you go in Montana, you’ll find an interesting place to eat.

Cinnamon Rolls

Three Forks, Montana, is the home of Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery, famous for their award-winning cinnamon rolls, breads, buns and other bakery items.  Delis in Missoula, Kalispell, and Great Falls serve soups, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast.  Breads and cinnamon rolls are also available in grocery stores across the state.


For huckleberry products you can pick up jams, jellies, syrups and candies at most places where Montana products are sold, but if you’re up around Glacier National Park, be sure to visit Hungry Horse, Montana, nine miles west of the Park entrance.  They claim to be the wild huckleberry capital of the West. At the Huckleberry Patch, berries are hand-picked when ripe and processed without artificial colors, flavorings or corn syrup.


The Burger Dive in Billings creates award winning hamburgers from fresh, never frozen, premium Angus beef on locally made buns. They serve such unique burgers as “I’m Your Huckleberry” Burger, “Date with Jim Beam and Coke” Burger, the “Best of the Bash” Burger, the “Santa Fe Southwestern” Burger, and 14 more delicious burgers. You can also get hot dogs, soup, chili, numerous sides, shakes, and desserts.

Farmers Markets

If you need to stock up for your camping trip, you can visit over 40 farmers markets where you will find fresh locally grown foods. You can find home canned foods, cherries, huckleberries and other berries in season, fresh-from-the-farm vegetables and other interesting food items at any of the local markets.  Check out the website below for a farmers market in whatever region you are travelling through.